Nikon D3300 Review

The Nikon D3300 is a light, compact DSLR camera built to bring pictures to life. Enjoy capturing life’s special moments in stunningly clear photos and vivid high quality videos. Share these moments instantly from your Smartphone or tablet thanks to the easily navigable user interface of the camera.

D3300 Design and Controls

The camera features a light, compact design that makes it easy to handle and operate as required. Being an entry-level DSLR, its user interface has a simple layout that is easy to master. Similar to its predecessors, the positioning of the menu and playback buttons are to the left of the LCD screen whereas the navigation buttons are on the right.

The intuitive user interface gives a smooth performance as expected and does not leave much to desire. The shutter release button is located on the top plate of the camera alongside the exposure compensation dial. There is also a non-specified button at the front of the camera, which can be customized to control a particular function. Other than that, there is also a button specifically for controlling the flash settings.

The D3300 is notably slimmer than its predecessors by a millimeter and lighter by 25 grams. This difference in size is attributed to the collapsible new kit lens design, which is similar to the kit lenses on earlier versions of Nikon cameras. The D3300 is a notably smaller camera that will perfectly suit the needs of those searching for a more compact model to purchase.


The D3300 features a 24.2MP CMOS DSLR lens with an 11-point auto focus system that has been known to deliver time and again. The lens performs brilliantly in good lighting but seems to struggle a bit in low-lit shots. The 3-inch LCD screen is the similar to the ones seen on its predecessor the D3200. When using manual focus, an additional bonus is that the focus indicator will light up in the viewfinder when the focus is correct.

Its video-capturing capabilities are excellent for an entry-level DSLR, being able to capture 1920 x 1080P footage at speeds of up to 60fps. The D3300 also features an upgraded processor. The Expeed 4 branded processor is certainly a step up from the Expeed 3 of the Nikon D3200. Its ISO range of 100-112800 is also an improvement of the 100-6400 of the D3200. The D3300’s battery is capable of taking 700 shots on a full charge.


The Nikon D3300 is ideal for the absolute beginners thanks to its user-friendly design. Due to this fact, however, it is limited in some respects, such as its 3-inch LCD screen and the 11 point auto focus, which some might find a bit lacking. However, for an entry-level device; it does pack quite a punch.

The entry-level tag should not fool you as it comes with exceptionally good resolution and an upgraded processor not to mention its exceptional battery life as well. This is a camera fit for beginners who want the best quality but are not yet ready to splurge on something that may be too complicated for their level of experience.